PKD Blaster – Variant

In stock

Retire “skin jobs” in style with our PKD Blaster pin – those replicants won’t stand a chance! This is a shiny silver variant of our original sold out PKD pin – so grab yours before these too are lost… like tears in rain.

Out to Sea

In stock

You’re going to need a bigger lapel for our Great White-sized ‘Out to Sea’ pin! Hop aboard the ORCA and set sail from Amity for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women!

Room 237

In stock

All work and no play makes the Vultures design spooky things. Like this, our Room 237 “keychain” pin. You’ll be sure to shine – just be careful or you may find yourself staying at the Overlook Hotel forever… and ever… and ever.

East Dock

In stock

If you’re planning to steal dino DNA, be sure not to crash into this East Dock sign! Her arrow is notoriously loose, and you wouldn’t want to lose your way in a storm — especially with the electric fences down…

From Your Blood!

In stock

Take home everyone’s favorite DNA mascot, and wear him with pride. You’ll be saying “Bingo! Dino DNA” before you know it. Where’d he come from? From your blood, of course!


In stock

Strikes and gutters, ups and downs. Make Jackie Treehorn proud and pick up this special edition ‘Gutterballs’ pin – it’ll really tie the room together. Then, Dude, let’s go bowling.

FU Gauntlet

In stock

If you’re a MAD Titan, you’ll definitely want to pick up this “fuck you” gauntlet, complete with glittery stones of infinite power. But hurry, these will surely be gone in a snap!

Hunter Gauntlet

In stock

Become the ultimate predator with this ‘Hunter Gauntlet’ pin. Pick off your targets one-by-one, and if you’re bested, you can flip up your wrist computer and activate your self-destruct sequence. You’ll have the last laugh.

Jurassic Vultures

In stock

Support the Pop Vultures – a podcast 65 million years in the making – with our ‘Jurassic Vultures’ pin! Wear it proudly, and become an unofficial fourth Pop Vulture. But hurry… they’ll surely go extinct!

Stacked Books

In stock

You’re in a library, and you find symmetrically stacked books – just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947 – who you gonna call? The Pop Vultures of course! No human being would stack books like this.

Trojan Rabbit

In stock

There’s no better way to sneak into a castle than to build a giant wooden Rabbit. Just remember to hide inside before the French wheel her in. Otherwise you’ll have to build a large wooden badger…

Man of the Year

In stock

Dude, are you TIME’s ‘Man of the Year’? Pick up this special edition mirror pin, and you can be a Lebowski achiever everywhere you go! Far out, man.

The Chosen One

In stock

Embrace your dark side with the weapon of the Dark Lord. Cut down your enemies in style. You may be more machine now than man, but there’s still good in you, we can sense it.

An Elegant Weapon

In stock

Bring home an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Obtain balance within your force. Perfect for sons with daddy issues. Just be careful not to lose a hand.

Superior Firepower

Out of stock

Obtain superior firepower with the M41A. She’ll satisfy all your xenomorph hunting needs. Feel the weight. Just remember, short controlled bursts. Stay frosty my friends.

Dino DNA


Sneak some dino DNA out of the park with this comfy t-shirt – just don’t get cheap on us!