WTF is Pop Vultures?

Pop Vultures podcast is an experiment, really. Just three dudes talking about the stuff they love: movies and tv (with the occasional book or album). We're not experts—but nobody is. You'll probably disagree with us at some point, but that's a good thing. So join us in discussing the greatest art and entertainment our world has to offer. Hopefully we make you laugh, revisit preconceived opinions, and even cry. We'll have critiques, defenses, and plenty of questions for you.

Chris Sasich

Chris is the son of a local farmer and the town midwife. He grew up getting into trouble with his cousin, Eli, and picking on his brother, not Eli. He loves shitty comedy movies and a good piece of cheese, but never in the same sitting. He's a phenomenal cook and a kind lover with a savant-like ability to tell you the date a film was released. Odds are you won't agree with his opinions most of the time, but that's okay—we pay his girlfriend to do that. He's not looking for your agreement, only your love.

Eli Sasich

Eli is the oldest and sometimes the wisest of the three Pop Vultures. He's worked on numerous films—both in real life and in his dreams, both behind the camera and in front of it (but let's not go there just yet). He's spent many hours watching things that people make—enjoying them, debating them, and reenacting them. He's a proud new father to a bouncing doge, and single mother to an adolescent tortoise. He's been to Comic Con at least 12 times or more and he has a ridiculously large collection of film toys. Eli claims to be 6 foot 6 inches, but we're pretty sure he is not that tall.

Pat Thompson

Pat is a five-time Olympic gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics. He's a devout Orthodox Jew and thus won't be discussing pork products of any kind on the podcast. He's an accomplished finger painter and street fighter. His opinions are weirder than Chris's, but not Eli's, so that's kind of odd. In the end though, he'd like to thank his doula for her continued guidance and support throughout his entire life. She's the one who got him into film and showed him the power of jacks in breaking down barriers.