Episode 31


August 15, 2018

Michael Mann’s film HEAT (1995) is many things – an epic crime drama, a canvas for the paring of acting legends Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, an existential meditation on the cause and effect of choices, a modern tragedy, and the movie with arguably the best shootout in cinema history. Join the Vultures as they dive into this seminal 90’s classic. Have nothing in your life you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds flat if it prevents you from listening to this episode.


Episode 30

The Dark Knight

July 31, 2018

Ten years have passed since The Dark Knight (2008) debuted in theaters around the world. Christopher Nolan’s film introduced us to the spectacle of IMAX and Heath Ledger delivered a villain worthy of the canvas. Why is this still the comic book movie by which all others are compared, and does it still hold up after a decade? Why so serious?

September 1, 2017

Who are the Pop Vultures? In this introductory episode Eli, Chris, and Pat answer eleven questions to help you get to know them, their diverse tastes in pop culture, and their odd opinions of directors with the last name Anderson. Why eleven questions? Because it’s one more than ten and This Is Spinal Tap is a great movie.

Topics range from the basic, to the deep, to the downright scandalous. You’ll get to know them faster than you can say Klaatu Barada Nikto. So hold on to your butts and join the vultures on their debut episode!