Episode 2

Citizen Kane

September 4, 2017

In 1941, Orson Welles released his first film at the age of 25. Since then, Citizen Kane has been shunned, rediscovered, embraced, and lauded as one of the greatest films ever made. In this second episode of Pop Vultures, Chris, Eli, and Pat discuss what makes Citizen Kane so damn good, and debate why a growing number of people have written the film off.

We’ll cover the groundbreaking technical aspects, the storied feud between Welles and William Randolph Hearst, as well as the influence the film has had on modern cinema. So join us as we take a trip to Xanadu and attempt to unravel the mystery of America’s Kubla Khan – Charles Foster Kane.

September 1, 2017

Who are the Pop Vultures? In this introductory episode Eli, Chris, and Pat answer eleven questions to help you get to know them, their diverse tastes in pop culture, and their odd opinions of directors with the last name Anderson. Why eleven questions? Because it’s one more than ten and This Is Spinal Tap is a great movie.

Topics range from the basic, to the deep, to the downright scandalous. You’ll get to know them faster than you can say Klaatu Barada Nikto. So hold on to your butts and join the vultures on their debut episode!