Episode 5

SFX & VFX – Part II: Interview with Ryan Wieber

September 25, 2017

Modern movies rely heavily on the visual effects work done by thousands of artists that work long hours, get few accolades, and work collectively to create much of what we see on the screen. In many respects VFX artists are the backbone of modern filmmaking.

On this episode, Eli, Pat, and Chris continue looking at the world of special and visual effects by talking with vfx artist and supervisor Ryan Wieber. Ryan has worked on such projects as La La Land, The Tick, Heroes, The Walking Dead, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Eli’s soon-to-be-released digital series, ATROPA. Ryan talks about his early work, the role of the visual effects supervisor in guiding a project, and what it was like working on a Star Wars film.

Movies We Mention in this Episode