October 15, 2018

Murder, cannibalism, and furniture made out of people are just a few of the reasons Tobe Hooper’s horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets under our skin. The movie spawned 8 sequels/remakes/prequels, including the 2003 remake from Marcus Nispel. Hitchhike with the Vultures as they compare and contrast the original with the remake, and debate amongst themselves what works and what doesn’t. Put on your best face, and join us for this delicious episode.

October 8, 2018

Who drew the dicks? Who is the Turd Burglar? These are some of the most important questions of our time. American Vandal is a Netflix true crime mockumentary series in its second season. In this Scraps, the Pop Vultures delve into the seedy world of dick jokes and poop humor to get to the bottom of why this crass mockumentary delivers the twists and turns with laughs and humanity. Grab some lemonade and join us!

October 1, 2018

Few films helped to define the hyper-masculine action films of the 80s like Predator (1987), which saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and his elite team of soldiers become prey for an alien hunter. The genre bending, self-aware film spawned three sequels, including the latest entry, The Predator (2018). The Vultures join the hunt to look at why the first film is a classic, and to see how far the simple premise can be stretched for its sequels. Get to the choppa (or wherever you listen to podcasts) and enjoy this episode.

September 24, 2018

Pop quiz, hot shots! In this scraps episode the Vultures take on their first ever Pop Quiz, in which they respond to listener-submitted questions from Instagram. Join the conversation and answer these questions along with the Pop Vultures. Follow us @popvultures on Instagram to participate in the next Pop Quiz, and we’ll give you a shout-out on the episode – anything goes! 

Episode 34

Touch of Evil

September 17, 2018

Touch of Evil (1958) would be any other filmmaker’s masterpiece, but for Orson Welles this classic has always lived in the shadow of Citizen Kane, and has been marred by its unfortunate post production issues — namely being taken away from Welles by the studio, resulting in three different cuts of the movie. The Vultures take a look back at this phenomenal piece of work from one of the all time greats. Also Charlton Heston plays a Mexican.



September 10, 2018

Many thousands of nerds, fans, and the culture curious attended FanX (previously know as Salt Lake Comic Con prior to a lawsuit) this past weekend. These conventions are for fans of every niche, where people can be themselves and celebrate whatever they love – but is this Utah iteration worthy of their support? In this short episode the Vultures set their sights on a local issue with universal resonance – FanX’s ugly track record with sexual harassment.

September 3, 2018

The Pop Vultures are turning one! Eli, Chris, and Pat answer eleven questions in an attempt to reflect on their first year of podcasting, what the future may hold, and their gratitude toward the ever growing Pop Vultures community. Join us as we celebrate a year of talking movies with some hot giveaways… and maybe even a few laughs.

Episode 32

Jumping the Shark

August 27, 2018

While Jaws is widely considered a masterpiece, no shark film made since has been able to swim in its wake. Jaws spawned three sequels, the 90’s gave us Deep Blue Sea and more recently we’ve seen the likes of The Shallows and The Meg — but why have none of these movies been able to do what Jaws accomplished? Will there ever be another great shark movie? Dive into this mystery with Vultures in this episode.

Episode 31


August 15, 2018

Michael Mann’s film HEAT (1995) is many things – an epic crime drama, a canvas for the paring of acting legends Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, an existential meditation on the cause and effect of choices, a modern tragedy, and the movie with arguably the best shootout in cinema history. Join the Vultures as they dive into this seminal 90’s classic. Have nothing in your life you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds flat if it prevents you from listening to this episode.

August 14, 2018

We all make mistakes folks. Several of you wrote in about something we said in a previous episode – something we got wrong. Dead wrong. In this minisode, we come clean. Forgive us. We’ll do better.

Episode 30

The Dark Knight

July 31, 2018

Ten years have passed since The Dark Knight (2008) debuted in theaters around the world. Christopher Nolan’s film introduced us to the spectacle of IMAX and Heath Ledger delivered a villain worthy of the canvas. Why is this still the comic book movie by which all others are compared, and does it still hold up after a decade? Why so serious?

Episode 29


June 25, 2018

Few movies are as universally admired as Jaws (1975). It was the first real blockbuster, the highest grossing film of all time (at that point) and the movie that made Spielberg… Spielberg. Before its release the film was anything but a sure bet with it’s B-movie plot and endless production woes that sent the production way over budget and schedule. Listen as the Vultures discuss the filmmaking lessons to be learned and how Jaws became one of the greatest films ever made. Here’s to swimming with bow-legged women!